Cloud 9 Show Goats

Saxon Family
Cloud 9 Club Goats
Thomas, Reagyn, Taylor & Garrett Saxon
3820 Eagle Grove School Rd
Dewy Rose, Ga 30634
Thomas 706.436.3872
Reagyn 706.436.4593
Welcome to Cloud 9 Club Goats and Saxon Farms. Located in Hart County Georgia, the diversified farming operation is owned by Thomas and Reagyn Saxon. Our livelihood is 100% agriculture. We raise cattle, goats, sheep and chickens. Along with the farm we own a feed store, Saxon Feed & Seed. Our business is definitely a family affair. Our two children Taylor and Garrett are involved in the everyday life on the farm. Since the kids have grown up with livestock, it is only natural that we are involved in showing animals. If you can show it Taylor and Garrett have tried it. Both are heavily involved in showing cattle, goats, hogs and sheep. In 2008 we became interested in raising show goats. With the industry in need of producers to raise a show project with quality we feel our program will thrive. Our genetics base includes foundation-does by Able Acres, Winder, Pit Boss, RRD, 2 Dox and many more. We want to thank God and our friends and customers that have offered all the help with our journey. We look forward to many more years. Please come visit us!